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We Have the Most Technologically Advanced Facility in the County



We use a Velocity laser measuring system which provides detailed and written documentation of frame repairs with before and after diagrams to prove vehicle is back within manufacturers specifications.

In the event that you sell your vehicle and disclose that you have had an accident, you can provide physical proof of the repairs to aid in lessening diminished value secondary to an accident.



This heavy-duty hydraulic system can straighten most bent frames. It has articulating arms with a multi-angle pulling capability that allows us to pull the frame in any direction. It’s designed to handle even the largest one-ton trucks, SUV’s and unibody cars.



Our Ultra 2000 Blowtherm spray booth provides “Smart Cure Paint System” which is “like the factory finish produced by the manufacturer only done by humans, not robots.” The paint booth has a downdraft ventilation system that recirculates the same heated and filtered air (environmentally friendly). This provides a controlled painting environment, 99.9 % dust free, allowing for a much cleaner paint job with fewer impurities on the vehicle.

We use a water base paint that is environmentally friendly and received “Partners For Clean Air Award” for the past four years (2012-2016) from Northwest Clean Air. We take this honor to heart as we want to have a positive impact in our community.